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UK, ready to take Plan B: but what does it consist of?

Compulsory face masks, vaccination passport and smart work, Plan B ready to shoot across the UK

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No mask obligation, no social distancing, 100% stadium and theater capacity. life in United kingdom It flows as if Covid never existed before, or almost. Despite the high vaccination rate, The almost complete absence of infection control measures It causes a new wave of infection. Nearly 50,000 cases, 1,000 hospitalizations, and 135 deaths per day. These are the dramatic numbers recorded by the British authorities over the past seven days. So the Downing Street government finds itself at a crossroads: insisting on the fall-winter plan or resort to plan B?

Plan B, what you offer

But what exactly does Plan B predict? Plan B was designed and drafted in the event of an emergency, located in a Downing Street drawer. As the numbers continue to grow, the government is working hard To understand whether it is time to take more stringent action. If pressure on the health system becomes unsustainable, Plan B is ready to shoot. It is based on three basic assumptions. The first relates toObligation to wear masks In some enclosed spaces, such as transportation or gathering places. Second, the introduction of a Vaccination permit For access to discos and major events. The third primary tool will be Use smart work where possible.

Vaccination passport requirement yes or no?

As we read on government siteIn the event of an aggravation of the situation, an extension of the obligation to hold a vaccination passport is not excluded. Although the government does not wish to resort to such a drastic measure, Dramatic deterioration of the scenario It portends a change in speed. On the other hand, events, such as weddings, funerals, street parties and protests, will remain open and free, with indications from the government regarding How to reduce risks In such contexts. “We’re monitoring everything, but for now, the data doesn’t indicate a need to move to Plan B right away. However, we cannot rule it out as we stand by‘, repeated said the Secretary of the Treasury Rishi Sunak.

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