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UK ready to produce more and more wine: climate change threatens to topple Italy and France

The big heat The drought caused by the climate crisis will create many problems for viticulture In regions of the world famous for wine excellence such asItalia and the France.

six barren soilscarce rains and intense heat make cultivation and care chrome In our latitudes, there are other countries in the north where instead Wine sector will grow In the coming years withGlobal temperature increase.

One of these is kingdom unitedwhere wine is already produced today, but in much smaller quantities (and qualitatively), given that It is not even among the top fifteen countries in the world in terms of production of liters (Italy is first).

The sector, however, is growing, with 400% of the hectares were cultivated between 2004 and 2021and the direction Speak clearly: wine produced in the UK will be more and more, and perhaps always better.

according to recent study, a vine such as Pinot Noir will find favorable conditions, and Great Britain will be able to produce sparkling red wines in good quantities. Since the average life of chromium is between 20-30 years, Already today much more are planted.

However, there is not much that will make you happy. Wine growing is an opportunity, of course, but The climate crisis is also severely affecting the UK. Since the 1980s, the temperature has already risen by one degree, and by 2040 the increase is likely to reach 1.4 °C.

This summer, the 40°Cin a country that is not equipped at all to face the extreme heat.

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