UK: Queen Elizabeth cancels Christmas lunch due to Omicron

In the end, even Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth was forced to forgo the traditional Christmas lunch, in a country increasingly plagued by Omicron.

The royal family also cries when it comes to the holidays and the coronavirus. Even His Majesty is there Queen Elizabeth, In fact, he had to cancel Christmas lunch Because of the spread of the variable Omicron in the UK.

A traditional lunch for the royal family, which the Queen apparently has no intention of delaying this year: About fifty family members and close friends of the Queen have been invited to Windsor for Christmas lunch. Instead, nothing to do: Omicron is too scary for England, and the danger of setting a bad example for a country for which sacrifices are and will still be required was just around the corner.


There will be no lunch before Christmas. “The decision is a precaution as it is believed that it may put the programs of many people at risk,” a staff member of Queen Elizabeth II told Reuters news agency. And then, for Her Majesty, they keep Christmas a bit solitary, as they were already last year: a stay at his Northfolk home, Sandringham, perhaps with only his closest relatives. On the other hand, in general, even the royal family is a family like any other: at least in the face of a pandemic.

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