UK: Postponing checks on EU goods to avoid food shortages

The UK is still delaying Brexit checks for goods from the EU as it fears it will run out of food.

at United kingdom I’ve been postponed Checks on European Union goods Submitted by Britain’s exit from the European Union: The lack of food in the country leads to the avoidance of more problems and delays in supplies.

In fact, there is a shortage of raw materials of various kinds, from meat to vegetables, due to the import difficulties caused by Brexit and due to the lack of manpower that can process or transport them. Thus, the introduction of post-Brexit EU controls on imports of food and agricultural products in England, Scotland and Wales is currently bypassed, or at least positively off.

It was originally planned after the end of the post-Brexit transition period in January. But even then, it was understood that it would put the markets in a difficult situation, and therefore it was postponed in March, and then in October. Now the measures planned for next month are likely to be implemented in January and July next year.


The move trying to save Christmas, peak consumption, has put serious difficulty in the UK with the current shortage of goods. Instead, the European Union has implemented full controls on British goods since the beginning of this year. According to the government, “the pandemic has had lasting effects on businesses, both in the UK and the EU, which many observers have anticipated” and “we are facing pressures on global supply chains, caused by a wide range of factors including the pandemic and rising global shipping costs” .

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