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UK: Police are raising drones against thieves (and Enduro riders)

England has one of the countries with one of the highest rates of motorcycle theft in Europe. In part, this is because the thieves are genius and have not gone ahead for some time, but are flying drones to make sure that the area that will become the scene of the crime is “quiet” and above all free of police patrols. So the agents embarked on a counterattack.

Thieves’ techniques

MCN colleagues actually reported British police statements, which confirmed that they had noticed a spike in drones in England, Wales and Scotland on the occasion of the theft of motorcycles and other vehicles, with the goal of verifying that there was no police presence. Region.

During one of these checks, a drone was found to recover the stolen rig, and upon tracking it down to the pilot, it was discovered that his motorcycle had also been stolen.

Against crafty enduro

So the police decided to make their way and use the thieves’ techniques in the investigation: Agents then raise the drones in area control activities, but not just to avoid thefts.

British dealerships, supplying crossovers as well as tourists such as the BMW R 1250 RT and K 1600 GT, through the real-time snapshots they get from drones, are also punishing motorcyclists who practice illegal off-roading in various provinces. .

The punishment is harsh, to say the least, because enduro riders caught by the dealers receive a fine, confiscate and destroy the bike.

Of course we hope that the “flying” police patrol against motorbike theft will also become a common practice for the Italian police and brigade, with the Forestry Carabinieri team who, possibly, in addition to punishing those who do not respect the protected and natural green areas. Parks, even those who endanger the lives of motorcyclists in the mountains with real killer traps get tired.

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