UK, PM Sunak: ‘Our tough stance on immigration defends the weakest’

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is speaking today in an interview with Republic of his government’s line on immigration. Only in this way, he argues, can the weakest defend themselves. Sunak begins by explaining that “immigration is not only a British problem, but a European problem. Our increased cooperation with France to guard the coasts is the beginning of a very positive path. In the future, discussions with the European Union on immigration is certainly in our plans, as well as with Frontex. Because no one has a magic wand. We are just at the beginning of a long journey.” Then he said he would define British law as “harsh but just. I don’t think it is ethical to continue to insist on this status quo where people die at sea, like off the coast of Italy, and are exploited by criminal gangs. And also because our resources and our generosity to help the vulnerable and needy have dried up by those who illegally disembark.”

Sunak rejects accusations from the opposition and society about refugees being treated on an equal footing with the treatment of the Nazis: «Instead, I think our line is the most just thing, also from a moral point of view. It is the best way to not leave the weaker in the hands of unscrupulous executioners. There is nothing sympathetic about this approach.” He believes that his approach will also be followed by the rest of Europe: “France is considering restricting the right to asylum. Germany is considering the possibility of sending illegal immigrants to third countries, like us in Rwanda. Italy wants to better monitor the Mediterranean Everyone behaves in some way, because last year Europe saw 60% more migrants than in 2021, and we saw the tragedy at sea a few days ago in Italy.

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