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UK, PM Johnson loses parts: his political strategist and communications director quit

New problems for the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Within a few hours, one of his closest aides resigned, Munira MirzaDowning Street Communications Officer Jack Doyle. Two news that go beyond the official reasons, weaken Even more so is the attitude of Prime Minister Toure, who is already in trouble for him Partygate scandalespecially after the publication of Gray’s report on Concerts happened in Full of full closure In the garden of the Prime Minister’s private home, which forced Johnson to ask him Pardon Citizens and then the House of Commons. Excuses were not enough to stop the opposition that is now increasing even within his party with the increasing requests for resignations.

Munira Mirza who played the role of political strategist as manager of Policy unit At 10 Downing Street, according to the official version, he left not because of the Partigate scandal, but after Johnson’s accusations against the Labor leader, Care Starmerfor failing to prosecute a deceased pedophile while he was head of the Crown Prosecution Service Jimmy Savile. Charges, however, have already been brought in the morning significantly reduce its size, If he does not withdraw, from Johnson in the face of controversy, it is difficult to bear in a very difficult moment. Mirza, an old ally of Johnson and your deputy when he was Mayor of LondonHe knew “saucyAnd the “completely inappropriate” attack by the Prime Minister on the opposition leader. The former political strategist, the daughter of Pakistani immigrants, has moved out of her position Left extremists In his youth in the correctbecame the executioner of Islamic extremism.

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Nor did Jack Doyle mention the Partigate scandal to explain his resignation. at most no direct. British media reports Doyle allegedly told his staff that his intention was to leave after two years The decision was not related to Mirza’s departure. “The past few weeks have seen awesome effect About my family life,” I mentioned his words daily Mail.

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