UK, no tonic lotion during flight: 70-year-old slaps flight attendant

A woman in her 70s slapped a flight attendant when she took off her lotion and tonic.

Guys, there’s not much to do – some people just don’t like flying. Of course, you can fill your mouth as often as you want to explain how traveling by plane is statistically safer than traveling by car or how accidents are very rare, but the fact remains that the journey takes place hundreds of meters from the ground on a plane. Super fast steel box. In short, a little fear and nervousness can be understood: let us imagine that the heroine of this particular story, a woman in her seventies, was particularly frightened at the idea of ​​confronting airline from Manchester, United kingdom, for the island of Rhodes. So he hoped that fear would be fine Tonic and gin. However, when the hostess took her cocktail away, the 70-year-old never saw us again and started slapping her.

tonic and gin

Seriously: it is difficult to reconstruct what happened in the head of the protagonist, but in fact – according to what was leaked – her reaction was so deep and unexpected that it caused panic on board, forcing the pilots to make a stopover in Munich where the police left the woman . Moreover, it must be emphasized that according to those present the lady was already ecstatic; In order to get her out of the policemen forced to drag her on her legs to the ground. Speaking of British women who are forbidden to drink: no more Martini at the end of the day for Queen Elizabeth Although we hope he does not slap the doctors.

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