UK, King Charles will not go to COP27 on climate on Truss advice

“With mutual respect and friendship, it was agreed that the King would not participate,” the note read. Your Sovereign seems to be very sorry for the decision not to attend, given his personal interest in issues related to the environment

King Charles III of England will not participate in the upcoming Cop27 international climate conference scheduled for next month in Egypt: This was confirmed by Buckingham Palace, British media reported, which reported that the decision was the result of advice. It was presented to him by Prime Minister Liz Truss, to whom the sovereign could have turned for an opinion. “With mutual respect and friendship, it was agreed that the King would not participate,” the note read.

King’s displeasure


JB, the first official portrait of the royal family

The BBC’s Royal Palace correspondent, Johnny Damon, said the king was personally very sorry for the decision not to attend – taken as a matter of chance, according to the role of the king’s “super-parties” – given his decision not to attend. A passionate team of environmental advocates who, as Prince of Wales, led him in the past to participate in many global climate conferences for several decades. Last year at Cop26 in Glasgow, Charles, as Prince, gave a passionate introductory speech. Even Queen Elizabeth spoke.

Truss: ‘I had to prepare the ground for the tax cuts’


The collapse of the pound, the International Monetary Fund criticizes the British government

British Prime Minister Liz Truss later admitted in an interview with the BBC that her government had mishandled the announcement of a new tax cut program that launched one of the toughest weeks for markets, Britain in recent months. “I realize we should have laid the foundation for our plan better,” Truss said. “We’ve learned from those mistakes and I think there is still time to set the course.” But the prime minister has remained steadfast in his proposals. “I think we made the right decision to deal with the exceptional circumstances we are facing.” “We have a clear plan being developed to respond to both the energy crisis and inflation, but it also aims to restart economic growth, and lay a long-term foundation,” Liz Truss added in the interview. The BBC remembers how both the opposition, many Conservative MPs and the majority of British public opinion are against tax cuts for the wealthy, according to the plan unveiled 10 days ago by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Kwasi Quarting, which caused an earthquake in the markets.

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