UK, Kentucky Fried Chicken celebrates the 70th reign of Queen Elizabeth with a ‘crowned’ sandwich

Kentucky Fried Chicken launched a new limited-edition sandwich to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 70th anniversary.

there queen Queen Elizabeth II Celebrating 70 years of the throne and his subjects will be able to celebrate a new creation of Kentucky, Coronation chicken burger. A sesame sandwich with chicken, cheese, lettuce and a crown of creamy mayonnaise. Exclusively available in only eleven outlets around United kingdom. It is important to stress that the buildings in question were not chosen at random: they are rather places that clearly refer to the monarchy, such as Kingston or Wylie Castle.

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Client more fortunate – Or perhaps even better to say the most loyal people – they will also be able to win a free Coronation Chicken Burger that will be delivered straight to their home on a red velvet pillow. What a blessing! For all the others, the sandwich will be available for a modest $5.49 (or 6.99 if you order through Deliveroo) from May 30 to June 5 or, alternatively, while stocks last. Meanwhile, we wonder if any vassals would be brave enough to order a handful and attempt a speed record to show their bravery and dedication to the crown—somewhat like, in less serious tones, they did. Leah Schotkefer With traditional fried chicken.

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