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UK heatwave causes Samsung batteries to swell: Reports increase

UK heatwave isn’t just KO’d Google and Oracle servers, reportedly Expand the batteries of 3 premium Samsung Galaxy smartphones Owned by a famous tech reviewer, Arun Maini, and other particularly popular content creators.

Maine himself, better known as mrhositheposon Twitter the photos you see at the bottom of the news: you can clearly see in it a file Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S10 with back covers raised from the overgrown battery; None of his other smartphones that are in the same setup and visible in the background, including the latest generation Galaxy S22s, are affected by the same issue.

However, he is not the only content creator or user who is the victim of this anomaly: in the comments, someone claimed to have seen an unspecified Samsung smartphone swell due to heat. Another reviewer, Zaryab Khan, added that to the thread Note 10+, Z Fold 2, and Galaxy S20 batteries swollen. Finally, even JerryRigEverything added that “three of his phones” have the same problem, but he thinks it’s the aftermath of a rip.

The most common hypothesis is that English homes trap excess heat And that Samsung smartphones are not designed to withstand the warming environment. In the absence of more details in this regard, we expect some official comments over the next few days.

Staying at Samsung, here is the new “Repair Mode” that protects the smartphone.

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