UK, Harrods admits he still sells Russian vodka: ‘It was a mistake’

Harrods has officially commented on the recent over-the-counter Russian vodka sales.

Last week we told you how to give Harrodsthe famous shopping center in the heart of London, it was still possible to buy vodka Russian, Beluga, although this was officially banned from the shelves in favor of products of other countries: in fact, the employees sold it directly from the kiosk where the cleared bottles were deposited. Now, the Knightsbridge store has admitted that a “mistake” occurred during the sale.

“Over a week ago, we removed 100% Russian products from Harrods store shelves,” a Harrods spokesperson explained. “While the Beluga vodka was removed from sale, the remaining stock was kept in storage before being moved off-site. After an order from a customer, some bottles were mistakenly taken from the warehouse and delivered to the customer. This was a mistake and should not have happened: it was Now all remaining inventory has been moved to an off-site location which is not available for sale.” All is well, what ends up being okay, then? Hard to say: it caught the attention of the British government, with a Labor MP Chris Bryant who publicly stated that taking Russian products off the shelves would be of little use if Harrods continued to sell over-the-counter vodka.

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