UK, Halloween cruelty: they hide a razor blade in a chocolate bar

Halloween night turns into a nightmare for an English girl who finds a razor blade hidden in a bar of chocolate.

“trick or treat?” stained with petty cruelty, which could have led to tragedy. We refer to what happened tonight Halloween In those of Laindon, a small town of about 37,000 inhabitants in the county of Essex United kingdom, Where a 14-year-old girl received a tape from chocolate with code Well hidden inside. Fortunately, the young protagonist “only” healed a wound on his lip, and did not swallow the dangerous steel object.


However, we can only imagine the dismay Elizabeth Boyson – That’s the girl’s name, – I tried. When I bit into the bar, I felt something hard and sharp inside. The young woman’s reaction, of course, was to run to her mother. “He was calling me loudly and saying there was something sharp about the candy bar,” she said. Tracy Bledel Elizabeth’s mother, to the microphones in the Essex Chronicle. “At first I thought he was flirting with me, but then I saw what he was holding. I couldn’t believe my eyes.”

The father, who examined the offending bar, said he noticed how the package was opened and then closed from below. The police, of course, are working to identify the perpetrator of the insane act, but Elizabeth can’t help it. She says again: “She was so afraid of what happened.” David Boyson, the father. “She doesn’t remember who gave her that candy bar.”

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