UK, green light for robotics delivery experience

A small UK town is ready to experience the convenience of Starship Technology’s delivery robots.

Soon the streets Camborne, A small town in the county of Cambridgeshire, United kingdom, Teams will travel from Robot to ConnectingWho will take care of the delivery of shopping directly to the homes of citizens. This isn’t the first experience we’ve experienced in other Channel Islands: just a few months ago we told you about the case of Milton Keynes, a town in southeast England, where the use of electric robots like these saved some 280,000 trips in the machine.

The experiment (which you name afterwards suggests that the citizens are guinea pigs – even horrible) was given the go-ahead after an agreement reached by the county council and Starship Technologies, the company that produces the robots in question; It aims as part of the municipality’s broader environmental policy plan to try to reduce short car trips and improve air quality at the same time. According to Starship Tech, on a medium-distance delivery journey, the robots (which don’t even need a driver) use energy similar to that of a kettle to boil a glass of water: If the project is successful, the plans are: Expand across the county.

Alex Beckett, The chairman of the council’s Highways and Transportation Committee, said the company has “the potential to make life easier for thousands of residents while reducing traffic congestion.” Andrew Curtis, The UK Director of Operations at Starship Technologies said it had received “very positive feedback from people using the service in Milton Keynes and Northampton, and hoped to “scale up this initial project”.

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