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UK: Gourmet restaurant to open in York Minster

The first restaurant opened inside York Minster in the UK, also thanks to chef Andrew Byrne.

Let’s move on to United kingdom Because here is the truth of it Opening the first restaurant In the York MinsterThanks also to Chef Andrew Byrne.

In fact, next year, the first restaurant will open inside the cathedral, more specifically in a buildingformer dining room From Preparatory School for Choir.

The project was also involved Chef Andrew Byrne, owner of the restaurant The Star in Harome, North Yorkshire, which was recently damaged by a devastating fire (the suspect was also questioned by police over the fire).

Per, who also has brasseries in York and Whitby, is a partner in the project and will work with GEM Construction and the interior designer. Rachel McClain To convert what was once a real student dining hall into a restaurant.

Star Inn Restaurant

According to some reports, the York Minster, one of the most famous in Great Britain, costs around £22,000 a day and Restaurant revenue You will be able to contribute to its maintenance.

The Reverend Jonathan Frost, Dean of York University, said this collaboration embraces their vision of creating Warm and welcoming dining room In the heart of the city. Frost continued, saying he was happy to work with partners who align with York Minster’s core values, particularly in terms of openness, inclusion, and support for disadvantaged groups such as, for example, ex-prisoners who are often left out of traditional job opportunities.

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Meanwhile, Mike Green of GEM Construction announced that while plans are still being finalized, the restaurant will open for lunch and dinner. It will also allowaway.

He then added that despite working on the project with Chef Byrne, it was reasonable to expect that the restaurant in Cathedral Hall would have a very different concept than The Star.

In addition, it will be added on the roof of the building as well solar roof tiles, less intrusive than solar panels, so that the cathedral is also a good example in much of a climate emergency.

To manage the restaurant, then, it will be Local restaurants Bex Toppin and Will Pearce At the Robinsons Café in York.

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