UK: Gordon Ramsay’s latest show smashed by critics

Gordon Ramsay’s latest show appears to have been brutally squashed by British critics: let’s take a look.

Gordon Ramsay He missed cooking his latest show, Future Food Stars, which aired recently kingdom united. Despite a closer examination, it can be said that the components themselves were somewhat questionable. But let’s move on in order: the exhibition brings together a group of emerging entrepreneurs in the food sector, and the best of them will receive an investment of 150 thousand pounds. We combine it with the proverbial Gordon Ramsay leash, and we have a recipe for a program that British critics cannot fathom.

Chef Gordon Ramsay

The Guardian writes “tired”, “derived” and above all “useless”. A fierce pass: A pass for the monotonous, which for heaven’s sake doesn’t all come with a slot, but defining it as “useless” is a huge hit. However, reading the first 60 Minutes broadcast report, we tend to agree with our colleagues across the channel: it’s basically a series of tests ranging from weird ball (like jumping off a cliff to taking an unexpected shower because Ramsay wants to “discover his DNA”) to what has been seen. already or repeatedly.

In the second half of the episode, for example, contestants are divided into a few teams who are assigned a budget of 600 pounds and the task of creating a booth that sells food that is delicious but comfortable to carry. Whoever gets the least win loses, and one of the team members is sent home. The red team chooses the tacos, the blue team is for noodles and the green team is for toast: the blue team wins, and the tacos are last in the ranking. Murdered a man named Vincenzo (not physically). Gordon shrieked a bit during transmission, but nothing we were really used to, and anyway, he seemed instructed to be good. Who knows: If he was a bit naughtier, maybe the entire show wouldn’t have come out of the oven still raw.

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