UK, for the first time more energy is produced by wind than by gas stations

Sunset wind turbines on blue sea 3d display.

the wind turbines They generated more electricity than gas for the first time in history United kingdom. In the first quarter of this year, a third of the country’s electricity was produced by wind farms, according to research by Imperial College London.

The national grid also confirmed that the month of April witnessed a record period for generating solar energy. By 2035, the UK aims to meet its energy needs with zero net emissions.

Although England banned the building of above-ground wind farms in 2015, thanks to offshore farms, the UK has for the first time been able to produce more energy from wind farms than from gas-fired ones. “It is an important result,” commented a researcher fromImperial College.

“There are still many challenges to achieving a completely fossil-free grid, but wind power has surpassed gas for the first time, which is a truly significant achievement,” said Ian Staffel, a researcher at Imperial College and lead author of the study. Most of the UK’s wind energy comes from Offshore wind farms. In 2015, England banned the installation of new onshore wind turbines.

Denmark, the arrival of micro wind energy. Roof shovels with a TV antenna

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