UK: Devon’s Pub riles Twitter for being too politically correct

A UK pub faced criticism on Twitter for slightly changing the name of the traditional dish.

Tors . owner pub Dartmoor Plateau, in the vast wasteland of Devon County, kingdom united, had the idea to honor the women who cultivated the land in the area by changing its name to the famous ‘Ploughman’s Lunch’ (literally meaning farmer’s lunch, a traditional English dish based on bread, cheese and onions) to ‘Ploughperson’s Lunch’. people of TwitterHowever, he didn’t like it at all.

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“It was just meant to be a joke,” explains Dickie Harrison, the owner of the bar in question. “Here at Dartmoor we have many friends who are farmers, women and men who all work the land. It was a nod to the ladies without any political intent.” The problem started when a customer shared an image of the offending list on social media, where it quickly gained popularity and went viral. At this point, it was only a matter of time to get to the attention of that specific layer of humanity ready to rage and point to anything — from a Marvel movie during the service to the menu at the pub — as politically correct and “wake up.” One user writes “Sorry guys, I wouldn’t go to a ‘wake up’ pub. “Yes, there are many female peasants these days, but stop changing the past.” Others, more curious (or perhaps more controversial) asked why the “Mama’s Chocolate Mousse” on the menu didn’t meet the same criteria. Harrison’s answer? Well, it was so named because the recipe was from his mother.

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Meanwhile, local peasant women lined up to defend the tavern. “It was a satirical joke,” explains sheep and cattle rancher Michaela Redaway, “but the role of women in agriculture must definitely be highlighted. It is still considered a male-dominated role, but there are a lot of women and more and more. It’s not just men who are They drive the tractor; they are also women.”

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