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UK: Conservative government clash over ‘Indian immigration’

The British Home Secretary’s statement, Suila Bravermanrisk hampering negotiations for the signing of a free trade agreement between United kingdom And the India, as well as causing conflict within the government. In a recent statement to Spectator, in fact, Braverman expressed serious doubts about the arrival of immigrants from India. “I have doubts about adopting an immigration policy based on open borders with India because I don’t think that’s what people voted for with Britain’s exit from the European Union“Looking at the migratory flows in this country, it is clear that the largest group of people present are Indian immigrants,” Braverman said. The agreement between the Indian and British governments to facilitate better migration cooperation “did not necessarily work out well,” Braverman said. Extremely”.

In short, there is criticism from all fronts by the minister who, moreover, boasts of Indian ancestry: her father was originally from Goa, while her mother came from a Hindu-Tamil ethnic family in Mauritius. Government New DelhiAlthough there were no official reactions, he did not like the words of the British minister. This was also confirmed by sources from the Indian news agency “BTI”, according to which the deadline set by former Prime Minister Boris Johnson – at the end of this month – to sign the FTA may not be respected.

The British Foreign Secretary intervened this morning to try to settle the situation James CleverlyUnder which the United Kingdom desires to establish stronger trade relations with India. “We want to have a stronger relationship, which is already very strong, but stronger in commercial terms with India,” Cleverly noted. The obvious words are those uttered by the minister, which show that not everything appears to be going smoothly in the new British executive. Brilliantly, she is one of Prime Minister Liz Truss’s closest allies, and while it’s not certain that her speech this morning will be decisive in resolving differences with India, she has once again shown her loyalty. The same cannot be said of Braverman, who appears to have taken the reins of new affairs within the Conservatives, just over a month after the new British government took power.

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