UK, Boris Johnson resigned today: new prime minister in the fall

Is the British Prime Minister ready to resign after the Pincher scandal? An announcement by Boris Johnson is expected early this afternoon.

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson It seems ready to quit, today as leader of the British Conservative Party (British Conservative Party) and in October as Prime Minister. In the fall, the UK will have New Prime Minister. Already in the summer, however, the race to lead Conservative Partywhich has been overshadowed by the Pincher scandal in recent days.

United Kingdom, Boris Johnson is ready to resign

The announcement of the resignation of the British Prime Minister came in the first part Surprise. Indeed, in recent days, despite the impact of the Pincher scandal and the mass resignation within the Conservative Party, it does not appear that Boris Johnson wants to give up and give up his political position.

But a few hours ago, a British government spokesman announced that “the Prime Minister will make today Declaration of the countryStatement on Johnson’s choice to relinquish the role of Conservative leader, and the role of Prime Minister in a few months’ time. Announced around 2 pm today (Italian time). At the moment No comment from Buckingham Palace over each other.

This is another hard blow for Boris Johnson, after the so-called Partygate investigation (Related to organized parties in Downing Street, the residence of the British Prime Minister, during Close for Covid) and the latest Pincher scandal.

Johnson resigns: ‘I didn’t want to do it’

“I’m leaving but I didn’t want to,” were Pogo’s words while declaring his resignation to the nation. “No one is indispensable: our Darwinian system will be able to find new boss “To whom will I give all my support?”

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And the British Prime Minister renewed his desire to remain at the head of the British government, at least until the election of a new leader for the Conservative Party. Moreover, upon announcing his resignation, Boris Johnson recalled those he considered the best results of his work: The Britain’s exit from the European Union and eliminate Covid restrictions in the United Kingdom, ahead of many other countries in Europe and the rest of the world.

From the Pincher scandal to the mass resignation of the Conservative Party

The beginning of the end of the Johnson era began with the scandal involving Chris Pincher, the deputy of the Tory Party’s parent company. The politician is, in fact, accused of sexually harassing some men (including another deputy) after he got drunk in a bar.

The denunciation of the incident “destroyed” the Conservative Party group. In fact, within a few days, 3 deputy ministers, 15 undersecretaries and several assistant members left the executive branch. Among them is also the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education Robin WalkerTreasury Agent John Glenn Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice Victoria Atkins.

This is despite Boris Johnson’s public apology.

Beyond Johnson: Who will replace UK Prime Minister?

Johnson’s resignation has just been announced, but his successor has already been considered. according to YouGov PollAmong the Conservative supporters, the possible new leader of the Conservative Party may be the Minister of Defense Ben Wallace. For others, a woman may soon take over the governorship: specifically, the name Les TrussUK Foreign Secretary.

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However, it is still too early to talk about the possible New Prime Minister in the UK. The official resignation of Boris Johnson is currently expected, which – as specified – should arrive early this afternoon. In any case, the incumbent prime minister must remain in office at least until October.

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