UK, ‘Birthday of Discontent’ Proof We’re Not Back to Normal

2022 certainly does not end in style, that freedom and normal life that we dreamed of during Close not fully realized. Even if we are free to move around, these problems are related toInsufficient infrastructure In post Covid or in wage battles to deal with double-digit inflation not seen in forty years.

The nation that best describes the above is United kingdom. It should be noted that His Majesty’s kingdom, despite its modest size compared to the American kingdom, isThe changing economy quickly according to the economic cycle. In short, it is very receptive to economic changes. Also, unlike countries like Italy, the basin British savings He is humble and the family’s support network is minimal. In other words, if you lose your job in the UK or never earn a living, you can quickly slide down the rungs of the social ladder. It happened in the late 1980s and early 1990s when middle class professional families lost their homes due to rising interest rates and it is happening again now.

The historical period that is closest to the present time is The seventies. The British coined the phrase for it “Winter of Discontent” To describe the weeks of strikes, blackouts and demonstrations that occurred from November 1978 to February 1979. James Callaghan’s Labor government failed, he was forced to resign and soon after Lady Margaret Thatcher came to power. After two months of intermittent strikes and starting in different categories in December 2022, the month when people travel to visit friends and family, strikes have increased dramatically, reaching 1978 levels. Stops all over the country. Who cares if you travel without a green permit on christmas 2022 or covid test When you are not sure if you will be able to board a plane or return to the UK? In fact, since December 23, the customs officials, those who have to check the passports of travelers. Many families change their plans and instead of crossing the channel, they are preparing for another Christmas at home.

The nurses and ambulance workers are also on strike, and judging by the wages they receive they are doing very well. In some hospitals, the traditional array of Christmas food, and food that was distributed to the poor, would be served to Nurses who can’t make ends meet. All this is happening in the 21st century, against the backdrop of an energy crisis very similar to the 1970s, but in the absence of unemployment. The current problem is the rejection of underemployment.

It is not possible to find employees in all sectors, some restaurants have decided to open their doors only for dinner due to the lack of cooks and waiters; Many shops have it reduced hours Due to the lack of staff and at the post office, when it is not on strike, you have to stand in long lines because There are no employees in the counters. How is that? Many, many have decided not to go back to work after Covid at pre-Covid wages. There are those who have returned home, those who have decided to retire, and those who have simply stopped working for a few pennies.

It just seems like the delivery guys who take us home with everything from freshly baked pizza at Domino’s to the latest Dyson vacuum cleaner abounds. This category of workers who are at the bottom of the labor pyramid looks strange Immune to trouble from other sectors. But it has no guarantees, it is not unionized. Often he has no choice Finish with tips.

So too at Christmas 2022, once the pandemic is over, online and there Connecting They want us to believe them back to normal. But it is an illusion. Who’s in this “Birthday of Discontent” He will need an ambulance that you may not find or that you may be in 16 hours before hospitalization; Those who have to undergo dialysis may have to wait hours before a nurse can assist them; Families going to visit grandparents abroad may have to queue for miles at passport control or spend entire days at the airport when they return, due to strikes by air traffic controllers. Those who decide to stay home may not find a train.

What will happen in January? How long will the Sunak government last? The markets are doing everything they can to support it and the pound, but this time, as in the 70s, it is likely that the fate of the country Friends won’t decide it hedge funds age but who proletariat His Majesty.

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