UK awards start-up €65,000 for anti-methane cow mask

Zelp, a British startup, has developed a cow mask that can trap methane emissions.

An idea as simple in concept as it is innovative and effective in practice: we denote the mask to wear cows able to lock up methane And other gases emitted at the time of digestion. Project engineers are team members zilba start-up at the Royal College of Art, London, United kingdom, Who recently won the award Earth Paper Design Lab Securing a check worth 65,000 euros.

As mentioned, the concept from which the masks in question were born is, at least on paper, simple – and in fact the genius of the Zelp team lies here. Methane emissions from factory farms are known to be among the main causes of rampant climate change: Project Zelp uses special technology that is able to absorb these emissions so they are not released into the atmosphere, effectively reducing 60% of the gases circulation produced by livestock. In fact, it is estimated that more than 90% of methane emissions come from the mouths and noses of farm animals, which they actually spread through burps and exhalations.

On the jury for the Terra Carta Design Lab Prize, associated with the Royal College of Art, were also present johnny ive Former Apple designer, and Prince Charles; In addition to the aforementioned cash prize, winners will be able to enjoy the possibility of having Ive himself as their project development supervisor.

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