UK authorities ask to stop leaving jam sandwiches in memory of Queen Elizabeth

Other than flowers or cards – many in the UK preferred to choose jam sandwiches to honor the memory of Queen Elizabeth.

Flowers and cards with tearful dedications will certainly not be lost among the things left in London’s Royal Gardens, where thousands of people gathered in memory of Queen Elizabeth But the citizens of the UK wanted to honor her by leaving out more special things, like Paddington Bear dolls (the famous hero in the children’s book, film and TV series) or jam sandwiches. In fact, the Queen and the royal family have always been associated with her with the bear in question – so much so that to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee in June, the Queen appeared in a short film in which she had a discussion with him. of their love for Jam sandwiches.

Marmalade in a jar

Apparently, the number of dolls and sandwiches was so great that the Royal Gardens authorities themselves had to issue an official statement urging visitors to choose different tributes: as you can imagine, in fact, sandwiches quickly began to form. Not a nice place at all. In the ad itself, he is invited to choose simple flowers – without plastic wrap, moreover: “For sustainability, we ask visitors to place only organic or compostable materials,” the Royal Parks official website reads. “We prefer that visitors not bring in non-vegetarian artifacts/artifacts such as teddy bears or balloons.” Hopefully no one, perhaps a veteran of a trip to Italy, will decide to leave pizza with tea, crackers and anchovies.

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