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The UK plan To conquer the technological world? Become a global superpower in the field of artificial intelligence. in a paper by title “National Artificial Intelligence Strategy“, published on September 22, 2021, the British government presents a strategy designed to accelerate the development and use of AI technologies to the fullest extent in all areas of business-oriented application. A massive national effort aimed at increasing investments in the AI ​​sector to counter competitors such as China and the USA. Let’s see Detailing the UK’s plan on artificial intelligence.

UK plans to support AI research

The R&D support plan for AI-related solutions will span a period of ten years. During this period, long-term investments and support for the transition to AI-based technologies and national and international promotion activities for the products and services to be developed are planned.

Among the various actions suggested in the document are:

  • Defining an appropriate regulatory framework for innovation, applying clear rules and ethical principles;
  • Implementation of a new visa regime to enter the country capable of attracting talent from other countries;
  • Publishing new training kits to facilitate training neural network models;
  • Efficient and streamlined processes to obtain patents for software solutions throughIntellectual Property Office;
  • ensuring, through investments, the availability of computer resources for training artificial intelligence systems;
  • Create a center for standardization in the world of artificial intelligence.

L ‘UKRI (UK for Research and Innovation) You will play a key role in realizing the potential expressed in the National Plan. Currently, the authority funds sixteen major universities and awards nearly a thousand doctorates each year, but this is still not enough to face foreign competition. Asian universities are producing a number of advanced research papers and papers dedicated to AI that are far superior to those that can currently give birth to English universities. Overthrowing such a supremacy would be a long process, requiring much more than a general and sometimes abstract strategy.

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UK piano AI

Reactions to the UK’s plan for artificial intelligence

Reactions to this national plan are mixed. While there are researchers and companies who find the scheme useful in unlocking the UK’s development potential in this sector, other companies and groups of researchers consider the measures to be insufficient, if not counterproductive, to facilitate entrepreneurship in this sector. Artificial intelligence and university research sector.

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Another issue that needs to be resolved is related to the funds that will be allocated to the initiatives mentioned in National Artificial Intelligence Strategy. According to the document, around £13.5 billion was invested in the UK between January and June 2021. However, the number of future investments that will be earmarked for training, research, launching innovative startups and any future investments is not mentioned. It is also unclear what funds can be counted on to cover this huge long-term investment round. The paper focuses largely on initiatives that will make the UK more attractive to foreign investors. However, this challenge is particularly complex: competition is fierce, and many countries in both Europe and Asia are able to offer highly attractive resources and facilities to venture capitalists with high spending capabilities.

UK piano AI


Although this initiative has strengths and weaknesses, it is nevertheless an important signal of the emphasis that organizations should place on companies involved in AI research and development. I write “should” because some countries, including Italy, still have a long way to go in this regard.

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