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UK, A pair of swans collect plastic to build their nest

A BBC television producer immortalized the candid bird among bottles, envelopes and bags.

A pair of swans he collected plastic To build a nest along the banks of the river. It happened in Cardiff, Wales United kingdom. to immortalize the candid the birds Among the bottles, envelopes, and bags was a television producer BBC. “Real rubbish soup. How can you bear such a thing? It’s a shameThe man commented on social media.

In addition to endangering the health of the ecosystem, plastic can cause irreparable harm the animals. “After eating small pieces of litter, birds can develop inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. Over time, the irritation can lead to sometimes fatal internal scarringAl said Wales Wildlife Trusts.

Meanwhile, while waiting for the river to be restored, the photos spread around the web.

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