UK, 500 straight nights in a tent: The helpful reason for an 11-year-old friend of his who died of cancer

It will be the 500th night in a row Max Wosi, an 11-year-old boy will spend sleeping in a tent in his backyard United kingdom. The purpose of his private overnight stay is to make one fundraising to donate tohospice Where is his friend and neighbour? Rick Abbott He spent his last days before dying of cancer. Max Woosey’s initiative has not gone unnoticed: so far the charity campaign launched has been raised on JustGiving 640 thousand pounds.

The boy lives in a British town brownton, in Devon. He started sleeping in a tent As of March 2020, without being interrupted by low temperatures or heavy rain. The refuge was given to him by Rick himself, who encouraged him to try an adventure in the middle of nature. Then when his friend passed away, Max wanted to pay tribute to him by accepting the challenge and helping the structure he looked after him to support the financial hardship he was causing. pandemic. Thanks to the money raised, Max avoided firing some employees and cutting the family. “I never thought I’d be spending so many nights outdoors,” the 11-year-old told the British press. To celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Teacher on August 10, the boy plans a private stay in the woods, in the company of a friend: “We will make our lair using sticks and leaves,” he explained.

The Max Foundation has also been commended by the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, when the boy brought his tent to Downing Street. “Max has inspired young people across the country, and I support his efforts to raise money for children who need it most,” the prime minister said. Johnson then concluded by personally commending Max for his “excellent fundraising work” for aged care.

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