UK: £1,500 auction for a truly unique bottle of Sherry

A rare bottle of sherry owned by the Duke of Wellington has been auctioned for £1,500.

bottle of I don’t know that made history: passed into the hands of the Duke of Wellington and was packaged in Apsley House, United kingdom, Between 1850 and 1870, it was found in the basement of the same building and was finally sold toauction In recent days, the estimate has multiplied five times before the sale – 1,527 pounds.

Hazelnut liqueur cherry

But let’s take a look at the past – we’ll take you on a tour through history. Arthur Wellesley, won a title Duke of Wellington After the military victories in the Peninsular and Napoleon wars, the British Parliament awarded him a prize of £700,000 for the construction of a new building. Waterloo Palace. However, Wellesley took some of that money – about £40,000 – and used it to make an anonymous bid to Apsley House. In fact, the purchase was beneficial to his brother, the owner of the lease, who was experiencing complex economic conditions. The bottle in question was actually purchased in 1977 at Christie’s Apsley House Winery and has since settled in a Hampshire cellar.

“This wonderful bottle, which has only seen keen owners for the past 170 years, has surprisingly received a competitive offer,” he commented. Mark Robertson Head of the wine department at Drewatts. “We hope the new owner will enjoy this unique sherry and that when he drinks it he can reflect on all the great historical moments since it was first bottled for the Duke of Wellington at Apsley House.” Not a bad story: our favorite odd auctioneer, however, was still the one that saw the cherries sell for around 300 euros.

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