Ufo, the new “evidence”: Here’s the US documents


UFO, coming news? John Ratcliffe, the former director of National Intelligence, has announced the release of documents that have been declassified by the United States government. He said in an interview with Fox News: “There are many more scenes than those that have been published in public.” “Some of them have been declassified. When we talk about scenes, we are talking about things that were spotted by pilots in the Navy or Air Force. Or captured in satellite images. These are maneuvers that are difficult to explain frankly,” he said .. by answering questions Maria Bartiromo, referring to the June 1 date for the document to be declassified. Ratcliffe noted, “Movements are difficult to replicate, and we don’t have the technology to do so.” “Speeds penetrate the sound barrier without a sound penetrating sound,” the former official said. His words came after the Pentagon released 3 videos relating to “unknown weather phenomena.”

The footage, recorded by cameras installed on seaplanes equipped with infrared systems, shows dark shadows floating in the sky and sometimes accelerating to very high speeds. Senator Harry Reid, in a tweet, indicated that the three videos basically represent the tip of the iceberg from the information available to the government. “The United States should – the Senator wrote – study all of this seriously and scientifically and assess any potential implications for national security. The American people should be informed.” For Ratcliffe, the picture is more complex than one might imagine: the scenes took place “all over the world”.

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“When we talk about signals, it’s not just a pilot, a satellite of some packets of intelligence. Usually we have a lot of sensors that detect” these phenomena. “Some are simply unexplained and more numerous than those that have been made public.” He added that the authorities aimed primarily at a “reasonable explanation.” “The weather can cause upheaval. Sometimes we wonder if our opponents do not have more advanced technologies than we think or what we have at our disposal. But there are situations that we do not have correct explanations for what we saw.”

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