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UFO session in Congress

The US Congress on Tuesday held a hearing on the existence and characteristics of “unidentified atmospheric phenomena” (UAP), commonly referred to as unidentified flying objects (UFOs). The meeting was especially awaited by military experts and simple enthusiasts, but it did not lead to certain disclosures compared to what appeared last year after the release of a long-awaited report on the matter.

L ‘he heard, in which representatives of the US defense and parliamentarians from the House Counter-Terrorism and Counterintelligence Committee participated, the focus of discussion has been the numerous reports in recent decades by Air Force pilots on seeing flying objects, with characteristics such as inconsistent with general knowledge about aerodynamics and the laws of physics in general . Some videos, most of which are already known and circulated for years, were shown about some of these phenomena and there was confirmation of the government’s willingness to investigate their causes.

A report issued at the end of June last year indicated that at least 143 reports collected since 2004 remain unexplained. The document included 21 cases of unknown phenomena that could demonstrate unknown technological capabilities of the United States. This fact was confirmed during the hearing, although defense officials said they believed it was unlikely that other countries had developed such flight systems.

The scenes are documented in videos captured in flight by the aircraft’s systems, most of which are jet, and show objects moving very quickly and without obvious conventional propulsion systems. Others accelerate within a few moments and then change course abruptly, with maneuvers not achievable with ordinary aircraft.

The US government believes that the techniques used to achieve similar results are beyond the capabilities of other large countries such as China or Russia, and that new analyzes and more comprehensive investigations are needed for this.

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In general, “unidentified flying object” means any phenomenon that is observed in the sky and cannot be explained, for example because of the way that object flies or because of its shape. If analyzes and ideas allow us to understand its origin, the UFO ceases to be such and assumes other definitions.

So it can be said that UFOs exist without suggesting the existence of extraterrestrials and that these unidentified beings are the result of their techniques. However, the term “UFO” has long become synonymous with spaceships. Over the years, organizations, and sometimes cults, have come up to that point to view UFOs as evidence of their beliefs not only about the existence of alien life forms, but also about their existence on Earth.

UFOs are not only considered by those who undoubtedly consider them an alien appearance. Their observations are evaluated by governments in many countries, as they can lead to the discovery of threats to national security or new technologies developed in the military or civilian fields.

The report was released last June and was commissioned in 2020, with a request to provide an overview of the activities carried out by the Office of Naval Intelligence, the FBI, and the UAP Working Group. The documents, consisting of only nine pages, were submitted to Congress for its own evaluation, and the decision to hold some hearings, such as Tuesday’s, was later made.

Some videos viewed in 2020, have been declassified, but previously circulated online after their unauthorized release by a former UAP project collaborator. One video was filmed in 2004 and two more in 2015, while in 2019 another video was filmed showing footage taken from a US military aircraft over a stretch of sea near San Diego (California). The footage showed a strange object in flight that appeared to have disappeared into the water without a trace.

During the hearing, Deputy Director of Intelligence for the US Navy, Scott W. Bray, said that UAP materials available for investigation include not only images recorded by military means, but also from other sources. However, Bray did not provide further details about the matter, saying instead that in the case of the military aircraft in question, there were at least 11 accidents that were nearly mistaken for unidentified flying objects. Collisions never occurred and the military personnel involved did not attempt to communicate with or attack flying objects.

In response to some of the commission’s questions, Bray said that in some circumstances scraps of suspicious objects have been recovered, but that the material collected “does not have anything unexplainable or not traceable to terrestrial origin.”

Instead, the responses of other military and government representatives have been more ambiguous about the existence of underwater detection techniques for any unidentified objects. For responses of this kind, which could reveal some of the systems the United States uses, government representatives deferred to a subsequent discussion behind closed doors. However, it was clarified that there are no special sensors for UAPs and that sightings are made with ordinary tools.

The term UFO was first used by the U.S. Air Force in the early 1950s, specifically to refer to objects that had not yet been identified by necessary examinations. The term has become synonymous with “flying saucers” and alien spaceships for public opinion, also due to some conspiracy theories and “alleged space hijackings”.

Earth guards dozens of orbiting observation satellites and has hundreds of telescopes pointed at the vault, so it’s possible that an extraterrestrial spacecraft will be spotted on its arrival, long before military aircraft or amateur observations do. Most experts and scientists maintain a skeptical and scientific approach to the phenomenon, remembering that in the large category “UFOs” over the decades little has come to an end, with phenomena also different from each other, some easily explainable and others for which a convincing explanation is still being sought. .

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Reports may be much more, but many professional pilots prefer not to include their suspicions about certain sightings in the reports, because many prejudices have formed around the UFO phenomenon over time and there are fears that it is not being taken seriously, with potential professional repercussions.

Bray and other defense representatives said during the hearing that they wished to address the issue, and discuss information that might be publicly disclosed, in order to encourage other pilots to include any sightings in their reports, and thus increase the material that would be disclosed. And work on: “The message is clear: If you see something, you have to put it into your relationships.”

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