UFO on the radar of the US aircraft carrier Omaha: Dozens of objects surround the ship and then disappear. Silence from the Pentagon

Another video document released by Jeremy CorbelThe UFO researcher who put online the now-famous videos from the aircraft carrier Omaha, Those with “hierarchical” flying bodies And after that That an object “transmedia” After a few air maneuvers, he sank into the ocean and disappeared. Unlike other videos Corbell has posted at the moment on this one It is important to note that there are no official checks or stamps from the Pentagon. The photos in this video have been declassified and that’s why Corbell can share them.

The video was captured off the coast of San Diego, California. The researcher’s reconstruction is detailed. These objects were tracked by Omaha radar, according to Corbel, under precise conditions. The coordinates are 32 ° 29’21.9 ‘N 119 ° 21’53.0’ W, on July 15, 2019 between 9 pm and 11 pm, which is the same as in the previous videos. As you can see, Corbel wrote, “At least 14 objects, at least 1.82 meters in diameter, have solid mass. Velocities were recorded between 46 and 158 miles per hour, with flight time recorded of over an hour. The objects were lit, and they were not. Launch or landing points can be identified, and they were captured by different types of radar. ”Corbel adds, the frames extracted from these images were included in the briefing on May 1, 2021 to Uaptf, the task force that examines cases of UFOs – the report notes that the objects Spherical was able to dive, but no ship craft was able to recognize it once underwater, not even with a submarine.

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