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UEFA report shows how Italy dominated the UK at Euro 2020

UEFA has released its technical report on Euro 2020, outlining how Italy paved the way for success, most notably Roberto Mancini’s part-time changes to England coach Gareth Southgate in the final.

Asori lifted the trophy at Wembley Stadium after the penalty shootout against England, but dominated the match from the end of the first half, as shown in the report.

A team of experts, including current and former directors, analyzed the competition as a whole, but above all final.

England took an early lead and dominated after 25 minutes when they surprised Italy with their three-man defence.

David Moyes wrote: “At first the England system was very successful, with overseas cross-overs that scored another.”

“We thought about how well Gareth did in the match and found a way to create problems for Italy. At that moment, it seemed that England had beaten them.

However, Mancini acclimatized to the interval with technical observer Etter Karanga noting that England were deepening further to secure a 1-0 lead.

“When you win a match, you can easily be afraid of losing it, especially if you have to manage the pressure of playing in front of your fans. Gradually Italy has overcome the problem to be able to play the game because they wanted to.

Will Roddenstein noted that after the break, Giorgino was relieved of pressure from Rice and Phillips, becoming “the absolute leader in the business.”

The Assyrians controlled the ball and the goalkeeper “felt that Jordan Pickford had to play for a long time”, which befits Giorgio Cellini and Leonardo Ponzi.

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The UEFA relationship took control of England and the final kicked off, but their stakes fell to 35%, the lowest odds in the competition, and Bigford conceded 26 long passes.

Basically, England played the old ball long ball and the Italians controlled twice as many passes from their opponents.

Georgino, from his dominant position in front of the midfield, played 98 passes, more than the English midfield total.

Gianluigi Donnarumma was selected as a player in UEFA Euro 2020, although he was relatively low in the final except for the penalty shootout.

Peter Rudbach wrote: “In five years, if I close my eyes and think about this match, I remember that Italy won because they have a good goalkeeper and two highly experienced ones.”

“These two are the fathers of the team.”

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