Udine, a 28-year-old medical guard, attacked on shift: a sick comrade who tried to strangle her

a resident Age 28 Adelaide Andrianiwas attacked and subjected to initial strangulation on Saturday night, while on duty Emergency medical services in Udine. The attacker was the will of a patient who was advised to go to him emergency room for some diagnostic ideas. The man threatened the doctor at first and then put him down Hands on the neck He tries to strangle her before fleeing after reaching her Jade Avene I stepped in to defend her. the Carabinieri They had already recognized the man, having rushed over shortly after asking for help.

Afini then posted photos of the neck with finger marks and a plea on Facebook: “We demand more protection in doing our job! Until it has happened to you, you do not realize that once all went well but that it does not necessarily mean that next time it will be the same.” to go to the emergency department for his own good; this is unacceptable You risk your life in the workplace Because one is not sufficiently protected, because the doctor’s continued care is often considered a second-class doctor.”

This is the attack of the countless registered healthcare personnel in Friuli Venezia Giulia. As mentioned by the acronyms Norsend And Oil Fpl Fvg, On January 6 at the Mental Health Center in Via Gambini in Trieste, a nurse was beaten by a user who had been asked to wait for delivery before consulting the operators.

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