Ubisoft says you can only run the trial version with the window blinds pulled –

It’s no secret that all-important game testing stages, be it alpha or beta or whatever, require players to sign NDA, or non-disclosure agreements intended to prevent the sharing of information that should remain confidential. The same thing happens with Ubisoft and your own Tom Clancy’s XDefiant. However, the online shooter seems to take it very seriously and also say that you have to play with it window curtains attracts!

Specifically, under Ubisoft’s long non-disclosure agreement received from MP1st, it is possible to read: “If you participate in the test in a room with WindowKeep the windows closed. “This is a very precise rule, indicating how careful Ubisoft is not to allow details to be unpacked ahead of time. In addition, Tom Clancy’s XDefiant players should also follow a very precise second rule: ‘If he participates in the test alone, I will not invite anyone (including That’s my family members) to my play session.”

Tom Clancy's XDefiant
Tom Clancy’s XDefiant

The latter is actually not one Al-Qaeda Stranger: After all, Ubisoft doesn’t want someone else filming, taking pictures, or knowing what information they can share online. Tom Clancy’s XDefiant must remain a secret until the last minute.

We remind you that Tom Clancy’s XDefiant is a 6 vs 6 online shooter that brings together character classes from the Tom Clancy narrative world. You can read our preview here. You can also watch a trailer for the closed test maps here.

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