Ubisoft provides money and safe houses to Ukrainian developers: here are the details –

Ubisoft They announced that they provide support, mostly in the form of Money and safe housesto its Ukrainian employees after the Russian invasion. The French company has two teams in Ukraine: one in Kiev and the other in Odessa.

Here it is Ubisoft’s full statement. “At Ubisoft, our hearts are with our teams in Ukraine, and we offer them support and assistance as they go through this difficult time. The safety and well-being of our teams and their families is our number one concern, and Ubisoft is fully mobilized to support them from now on.”

“Over the past few months, Ubisoft has been closely monitoring the situation and taking action to help protect our teams. Last week, we recommended that our employees take refuge in a place they consider safe. Ubisoft has provided all team members with additional funds for Ukraine to help them cover exceptional costs, such as those related to their travel and resettlement, and the payment of their salaries up front to make up for any disruption to the banking systems.”

“Ubisoft provides accommodations in neighboring countries where teams and their families can find shelter if they so desire and are able. To ensure we remain in close contact with all teams, we have set up hotlines to answer their questions and meet their needs and we have put in place an emergency communications system if the infrastructure becomes unstable. We will continue to adapt and enhance our assistance as the situation evolves.”

It was also recently revealed that Amanita Design will donate all revenue from three games to help residents.

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