Ubisoft deletes profiles that have not been accessed for some time, and controversy erupts

Ubisoft It seems Delete personal files So this You haven’t logged in for a while To the French house’s Connect platform, or at least that’s how the user put the case on social media, sparking a fierce debate against the company.

After all, the “emotional” and economic implications of this matter are clear: if our Ubisoft account gets cancelled, All games disappear with it, too In the digital format we purchased, regardless of the reference platform.

Ubisoft plans to release ten games by March 2024, including a major mystery title, and is pretty used to ending up at the center of the storm, even when it doesn’t deserve to be. In this case, for example, The controversy seemed beneficial to us We will explain why right away.

There are other reasons for anger

We used to say: effective argument. Primarily because it is not right to cancel after thirty days of non-useas some people have reported: This is the term Ubisoft gives the user via email to avoid profile deletion.

Secondly, it is not known how long the person who sent the message avoided logging in, possibly more than a year. In nearly these cases, every company in the world owns one A clause related to not using the service And activated accordingly to close.

However, as you can see, the Ubisoft action is not a one-way action and the user still has the possibility Delete the block: Just press a button to do so and thus keep the account and its associated games.

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