Ubisoft+ Coming to Xbox, French House Promises Details Soon –

Ubisoft + You will land on keyboards X-Box: The French company revealed on Twitter in conjunction with the announcement of Rainbow Six Extraction on Xbox Game Pass from day one, promising more details soon.

Back in March, there were rumors that Microsoft tried to bring Ubisoft+ to Xbox Game Pass, but that’s not (yet) what we’re talking about, in a nutshell, in the post on Twitter by the French house.

to update: Confirmation has arrived that Ubisoft+ will not be included in Xbox Game Pass. The rest of the original news follows.

real time Xbox Game Pass In fact, it is not named so it is possible that the subscription will become available to Xbox owners in a very similar way to what happened at the beginning of the year. Play EA…which, however, ended up in Game Pass, at least in its less rich version.

In short, there’s no escape: Microsoft’s service is so centralized within the Xbox ecosystem that it’s hard to offer Ubisoft+ in a traditional way, without somehow neatly including it in the subscription.

For those who don’t know it yet, Ubisoft+ is a digital platform currently available on PC only, which allows you to download all publisher titles from day one at a cost of just €14.99 per month.

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