Two women in the next Dakar, held in Saudi Arabia

Think Paris-Dakar And in the mind the desert is embodied, sandstorms. Some have lost the oasis of who knows where and many cars that try in any way to cover the nearly ten thousand kilometers separating departure and arrival.

It should be a regular race, it gets thick Survival race. Over the years, unfortunately, there have been many fatal accidents, and even without falling into tragedies, there are many episodes of adventure books to tell.

Like those participating in the 1982 edition Mark ThatcherSon of the then prime minister of the United Kingdom. Marc, who competed in the competition led by the Peugeot 504, disappeared in the Sahara desert on January 9 and was only found on January 14, and was spotted by an Algerian Air Force C-130 Hercules plane.

The legendary Paris-Dakar journey did not start in the French capital many years ago, but rather became wandering over time, but it took its name and fame with it. Since the last edition, it has been taking place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and there will be 2022 other pieces of history in the automotive circuit and in the country that hosts it.

In fact, it will be there at the beginning Home team made up of two women. An event that could represent the emancipation of the female gender in the kingdom (the head of state is King Salman, who rules under an absolute Islamic monarchy) as women are banned from driving until June 2018.

The heroes Synchronization of English terms she Ed The heroesIt is the name of the team chosen by drivers Dania Aqeel and Mashael Al-Obaidan.

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At the project show held in Riyadh, the girls seemed very passionate and excited. DenmarkShe, who is also the Team Project Manager, spoke about her immense passion for engines and recalled some of the experiences she had during the first racing season (2019/20), when she participated in the UAE National Motorcycle Series.

Machete, Who will play the second mentor, instead made clear her unbridled desire to always compete with herself. Not only in the field of engines. Al Obaidan is also a certified diving instructor.

It’s all ready, pounds The heroes They began training aboard the Polaris RZR 1000 in February of this year, after which, to start racing tests, they will participate in the 6 SAMF Cross Country and the Baja Championship. In November they will lead the Desert Challenge again. And then, finally, it will be Paris-Dakar. “We will fulfill the dream,” they say with affection. They will also do so in the name of all the other women in their country.

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