Two very rare 2 Euro coins that many are looking for because they are worth so much

On many occasions, we at ProiezionidiBorsa’s editorial team have examined which coins may be most in demand by coin experts and collectors.

We deal with both Euro related coins and old coins. For example, we’ve seen how many people are looking for 50 cents of a euro because it’s so rare since it was Scott in 2007.

In the next few lines we will discover instead that there are two very rare €2 coins that many are looking for because they are worth so much. We refer to the 2 euro coins that were minted in Germany in 2008 and Spain in 2009.

What makes coins different with the probability that they are rare

It’s good to remember before we get into what we’re talking about, that coins are usually similar in weight and shape.

The only difference that makes it rare is the statue that can be found on one side of the coin.

In particular, the doll that is defined as “inverted” is the one that is common in every country, while what makes it rare and special is the doll on the side defined as “upright”.

In fact, in this part of the currency, each country is free to print the image it desires.

Two very rare 2 Euro coins that many are looking for because they are worth so much

Moving on to the coins in question, the 2 euros minted in Germany in 2008 have an error. In fact, in 2007 the European Union changed the map from the European Union Put the new member states to one side.

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However, the German mint of this modification did not notice this, and therefore minted coins with the geographical map containing the previous version. This omission or oversight raised the value of this coin from €2 to €50.

The Spanish coin minted in 2009 also has an error. Indeed, to celebrate the anniversary of the Economic and Monetary Union, Spain decided to mint a commemorative coin of 2 euros.

He made 100,000 pieces, but by mistake. This is the design of European stars which have larger dimensions than those of the original coins. Its value is at least 10 times greater in fact, about 20 euros.


This 2 euro coin can be worth 2000 euro fortune

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