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Two townspeople mentioned

The financiers of Padua’s regional leadership identified large sums of money from foreign countries, which flowed into current accounts attributable to third parties without apparent justification. Currency assessments for military personnel of the Economic and Financial Police Unit, combined with information
Received by foreign police forces through international cooperation channels, it was possible to reveal the existence of various hypotheses of fraud committed against citizens residing in Australia, the USA, Hong Kong, Germany, Poland, Portugal and Switzerland.

the facts

The women involved reported that they established a romantic relationship online, through various dating sites and social networks, with fictitious businessmen and professionals, and only later received requests for economic assistance to simulate situations of need. This scheme, which is mainly attributed to love scams, requires the scammer to target known victims on online dating sites. Once a person has been deceived, often weak, tempted by taking advantage of his feelings, the corrupt asks for loans or economic assistance with increasing frequency, assuring, for example, that he has to pay airline tickets or incur medical expenses or again encounter unfavorable events Expected financial difficulties. Once the money is stolen, the perpetrator of the scam, who generally hides behind false identities and works remotely, disappears, cutting ties. In the case in question, in just two years, proceeds of crime passed through the checking accounts of Nigerian nationals residing in the capital, Padua, amounted to more than 400,000 euros. The two subjects were reported to Padua’s attorney general, because they were going to save their financial reports, as the illicit money was flowing in, and they were going to dump it all of a sudden, through withdrawals, purchases of cryptocurrency, and top-up on prepaid cards, to obstruct the identification of the criminal source of the money.

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