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Take the precautionary warning that was requested directly from Esselunga due to ‘possible microbiological contamination’. To end in the viewfinder, as reported by, there are two batches of plant-based soy drinks under the Esselunga Smart brand.

In detail, the products in question are sold in 1 liter bottles With batch number L: 220706 and minimum durability date (Tmc) 06/07/2023 for soy drink, batch number L: 220629 and Tmc 29062023 for rice drink.

Once again, Esselunga drinks affected by the clouds were produced for the supermarket chain by Abafoods Srl In the factory located on Via Cà Mignola Nuova 1775, in Badia Polesine, in the province of Rovigo. The group reports that the procedure applies only to the two reported batches and that other smart-branded products and batches are not affected by potential contamination.

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