Two planes lose each other on the flight

A new storm on Boeing. Just a few months after the 737s left Brazil at the end of the detention period decided by authorities in March 2019 – after two accidents that killed 346 people – yesterday afternoon, the airline ended up again in the midst of the allegations. For the safety of its aircraft.

Accusations issued by A loss in flight For some components of A. 777Located in a residential area in Denver After recording an obvious problem during boot.

An circumstance that has not been discussed a bit either as it is not the only one, since only 24 hours before it was 747 To inspect parts of the engine MaastrichtMore precisely, which fell again in Mersen municipality, and some citizens H. Destroy buildings.

But – it must be emphasized – it was not recorded There are injuries Of the passengers of both aircraft, they all returned a few minutes after the problematic take-off at the departure airports.

Boeing, a new storm: 777 loses parts in flight

Boeing’s dark period begins in December of 2019, when two terrifying accidents caused the occurrence 346 people died.

Soon after, in March, the authorities decided to impose Plane stops, Which will remain suspended until December 2020. Then the appeal from Brazil, not without significant sanctions by the US government, which decided in January to impose a fine of $ 2.5 billion.

Established penalty Misleading data and half-truths An omission by Boeing employeesWhich prevented the Federal Aviation Administration from fulfilling its mission: to ensure the safety of the sector.

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A very cruel sentence, but at least – one can believe at the time – capable of ending the US airline giant’s black period. Not even for a dream, because within 48 hours two different Boeing planes have registered Serious problems taking off And inspect the ingredients on the trip.

Circumstances – which inevitably fueled the debate over security – have today led to Ground 128 active 777 aircraft around the worldWhile a 747 that encountered similar problems in Maastricht is still in use, the Dutch government has launched an investigation to find out the causes of what happened.

Meanwhile, the company is struggling economically as well, after Boeing one A loss of $ 12 billion In 2020, revenues are down 24% and thousands of forced laborers are laid off.

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