Two operations on Marcelo’s leg

VILLAFRANCA PADOVANA – Departure for Warsaw is scheduled for 7 February and the first intervention is scheduled for 13 February with the good news that the little leg Marcelo Ceresin You will undergo two operations in one: a hip and limb lift. All this will happen in Poland for an hour by plane from Italy. The lengthening surgery was scheduled for 2023 in the USA and today it is not only predictable but can be performed by Dr. Dror Paly at his clinic in Warsaw. And the new year couldn’t start with better news for Father Philip and Mother Vanessa. The period that awaits them, in the company of little Marcello, who will turn three years old in a few days, will not be simple, but the strength and perseverance that characterizes them will support them.

Vilafranca Padovana’s baby has “femur hypoplasia,” a deformity that includes failure of the hip to develop. In addition, the length of the right femur is about half the length of the left femur with the risk of amputation present. The parents immediately looked for a specialist across Italy who could treat their little one, but hopes for it being a rare malformation soon faded. The meeting with the American specialist working in Florida revived hope, and today the first intervention “close to home” is possible. The mother and father do their best to raise as much as possible to cover the necessary medical expenses, and Onlus “GoMarcyGo” is always active with the aim of raising funds for the operations that the family has to support. This is only the beginning of his long journey.

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The little boy should be in Warsaw a few days before the surgery, then the father will go home to be next to Vittoria, the couple’s eldest daughter, in Poland, the mother and Marcello will stay who will have to follow the treatment for a few months. ‘We are counting the days to departure,’ said Filippo, ‘in the fall the good news arrived of a possible dual operation in Poland. This allows us to avoid traveling to America, with all that also entailing on the expense front. A very important operation that will allow Marcelo to restore a limb with a length of 5 to 8 centimeters, which is a lot. Months of therapy would follow, and Marcelo would have to prove that he was also strong in the muscular front, but being able to have them so close, in Poland, would allow me to visit them more often. These days we receive a mountain of messages of closeness and encouragement and it makes us feel the immense affection for Marcello that warms our hearts.”

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