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MilanAnd April 2023 After successful program Monopoly Gamerthe world’s most popular board game ever since 1935 I enjoyed more than one billion people more than 114 countriesreturns to the world of video games for the release of the highly anticipated movie Super Mario Bros, the movie, which within weeks of its release had already broken all box office records. In this new version of the legendary monopolyAnd Mario He will have to ally himself with his historical friends – who are his brother Lewis In the Princess Peach – to defeat the supervillain the bowr , which will try in every possible way to create chaos inside the game. Thanks to the new game mechanics, incl tube boxesMatches will be more exciting and fun, halfway between a board game and a video game.

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in the exclusive Monopoly Super Mario Bros. fact, it is blackboard It turns into the Mushroom Kingdom and the property cards become the landscape seen in the beautiful movie. The aim of the game is to collect as many as possible Coins Possible, exchange and negotiate as much as I can. there cart pawn It’s a completely new standoff and moves around the board with the players. Every time Bowser hovers over a property, it transforms into Game Over mode: if he manages to transform all properties, it’s game over! To avoid this, players will have to pay the cost of continuing mode in order to collect rent. Also, if players end up on the same tile as Bowser, they’ll have to face him and try to win or they’ll end up in jail. To add more rhythm and dynamism to the game Teleport tube box: Whoever ends up with it will have the option to move it to another area of ​​the board. naturally , new pawns Mention the heroes of the film: who mushroom to barrelfrom hat by Mario Ala Crown of peach, passing through frying pan From the faithful Toad and flame Luigi. Anyone, from the oldest to the youngest, will be able to identify their favorite character!

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It first appeared in 1981 Basim jumpman In the revolutionary video game Donkey Kongmore than 35 years from history Super Mario She has established herself as one of the most recognizable icons in the world of video games and of popular culture in general. Incredible success thanks to more than 200 games Between chains and branches, able to sell more than 800 million copies. On the side of the Italian plumber is a large group of comrades and opponents, from the eternal competitor camper for the beloved Princess PeachWithout forgetting Ally Yoshi And his brother Lewis, who appeared in many episodes and often became the protagonists of solo adventures. In the highly anticipated new movie, Mario, In a new graphical look, with Luigi in the Mushroom Kingdom. When the villain Cart separates the two, the brave plumber, along with the other inhabitants of the kingdom, sets off on an epic journey in search of his brother Luigi.

And this is the case Two entertainment giantswhich has been entertaining for decades Millions and millions of people All over the world, unite again Two timeless pop icons in one incomparable game: the Monopoly Super Mario Bros. movie.. Now all you have to do is choose your favorite character, face Bowser and embark on a world of branded entertainment Hasbro And Nintendo. Board gamers and video game enthusiasts are already starting to wring their hands Pre-sale on Amazon You just left!

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