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The final day of the U19 World Rowing Championships in Varese, Italy, ends with two successes and eight podiums overall, which has been confirmed as a harbinger of new talent.. With a little luck, the successes could have been more (two second places on the edge of the cents) but this event is still a stepping stone.

Marco Prati He got the maximum laurel in the men’s single, a contest that didn’t include a forced advantage. A good start immediately leads him to the lead and a big win in 6.50.41, with the podium completed by the German Cornelius Konrad and Slovakian Peter Strykansky. The other success is from Four Without a Female by Giorgia Sciatella, Lucrezia Monassi, Benedita Pahor and Elisa Grisoni: The Blues launch their attack on the United States after 600 meters and resist the return of Romania and France, also setting the best time to compete at 6.32.76.

With them many, many places on the platform, in silver as if it was raining. Starting with two of four, the female is one of Isabella Bianchi, Caterina Montegia, Emma Cuzucaria, Alice Petinari and Margherita Vanci and masculine with Santo Zafiro, Nicola Mancini, Jacopo Sartori, Giulio Zucala and Lorenzo Vinci, behind the US respectively at 6.55.09 and Australia at 6.13.44, with the latter set for just 53 cents.

The same result for Sofia Nacelli and Martina Scarbello in the two teams without two women, who played to the end with Greece looking for adhesive; Also according to four male couple Stefano Solano, Matteo Pellegrii, Michael Brambilla and Marco Gandola, That’s in a very tight race that comes in behind the Czech Republic for just 37 cents, but ahead of Germany by 2 percent. double female with Angelica Irbeni and Francesca Rubio Good at catching up with silver, with Greece dominating at 6.57.40 as well Aurora Spirit which in the women’s only single behind Aikaterini Gkogkou, winner at 7.35.64.

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Bronze instead for men’s double men Marco Dre and Marco Silva, who resisted the return of the Netherlands and approached at 6.24.42 behind Germany and Turkey. no medal for Luca and Marco Vecino In the two without the masculine, the sixth in 6.44.35, and for the four without the masculine Ferdinando Emmanuel Cercia, Martino Capagli, Guglielmo Meligari, Giorgio Madaloniat the foot of the platform for just over a second. Fifth also is the boat of the eight, with Niccol Gabriel Marelli, Alberto Bricola, Emanuele Migliani, Giacomo Pappalardo, Manuel Caldara, Antonio Distefano, Gregorio Menicali, Francesco Garuccio and Leo Fogan Posetta.

Photo: Federcanottaggio

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