Twitter, Musk’s mass expulsion kicks off today: 3,700 people at home. Class action for former employees

Mask will decide the modalities with a team of consultants. However, according to anonymous sources, the conditions for reducing the number of employees can still be changed. Two sources said that in the scenario considered, laid-off workers would be offered a 60-day severance pay bonus.

Previously, Musk himself, in a tweet, denied an article by The New York Times who stated that he intends to fire Twitter employees before November 1 to avoid awarding shares that accrued on that day.

Eight dollars for the “blue check.”

The entrepreneur acquired the social network, for $44 billion, a few days ago, after a long process, and has already made major cuts in management, including the dismissal of the former CEO, Parag Agrawal; Other senior managers, such as chief commercial officer Sarah Personnet, have resigned. His latest initiative, also posted on Twitter, is to provide a monthly fee* of $8 for the near future to Twitter users who want to receive a “blue check,” or a verified account.

Relevant Advertisers: L’Oreal Suspends Ads

The cost-cutting measures come as Musk addresses concerns from advertisers, the source of most of Twitter’s revenue, who fear his plans to relax content editing rules on the platform, one of Musk’s first initiatives. Wants to continue the social chirping, most likely leads to an increase in inappropriate content.
L’Oreal has decided to suspend ads on the platform, while Interpublic, one of the world’s largest ad groups, is recommending its customers to suspend advertising investments on Twitter for the next week, the financial information site reports. morning drink.

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The essence of moderation in the content

In an email sent this week to a media agency and see it financial timesTwitter asked ad brands to “bear us through this transition,” adding that its content moderation policies remain unchanged.
In a call held on November 2 with the top ad investors on Twitter and also reported by financial timesMusk said he plans to introduce different levels of content editing, similar to movie rating systems. Musk also reassured those listening that he had no intention of ditching content moderation roles.

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