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Twitter crowds over UK fuel shortages

The collateral damage of the epidemic and Britain’s exit from the European Union caused the beginning of one Fuel shortage in the UK. As a result, long queues formed for several days and people did not hesitate to show off their sense of humor on the web.

remove truck drivers from one country, e An entire sector of the economy is paralyzed. In the United Kingdom, for example, the lack of tankers on the road has caused a “shortage” of fuel at hundreds of service stations. This shortage of trucks in particular explains the coronavirus pandemic, during which training centers have had to close their doors during the months of confinement.

However, driving these vehicles that carry highly flammable liquids and therefore requires it Strict loading and unloading procedures, necessarily requires training.

In addition, hundreds of thousands of applications for HGV driver’s licenses are still pending from the authorities, again due to delays caused by Covid-19.

Fuel shortage in the UK

The new, complex and protracted Brexit policy will not make it possible to quickly recall skilled labor from abroad. However, given the gravity of the situation and with Christmas approaching, More than 5,000 temporary work visas will be issued For qualified European drivers from the UK government.

So the current situation is problematic across the channel, but that doesn’t stop Brits from making fun of it online.

We are referring above all to Twitter, where requests from candidates to get their country out of this bad situation are proliferating. Thus, the most prominent representatives of the state and the crown, as well as allies of the kingdom and symbolic figures of the seventh art, are kidnapped for the “good cause”, while others take on a scathing sense of humor.

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By the way, it’s not just the UK that has problems, especially when it comes to car manufacturing. In fact, Opel closed a microchip plant until 2022, due to a shortage of semiconductors. At the same time, Toyota was forced to reduce production due to the lack of chips. In short, these are not easy times.


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