Twitter chaos, Elon Musk is now talking openly about the risk of bankruptcy

The new owner of Twitter Elon Musk Raising the specter of corporate bankruptcy, the billionaire told employees: “This is absolutely out of the question.” Without significant subscription revenue, there’s a good chance Twitter won’t survive economic slowdown. We need at least half of our subscription revenue,” Musk adds. The adventurous possibility of bankruptcy comes as managers, including those responsible for security and privacy, continue to flee.

Musk took over Twitter on October 28 for a fee 44 billion dollars. According to some estimates, the value of the company today will be less than 10. Musk’s first action was to lay off all the first management line and then half 7500 employees Only to call some of them for service after 48 hours. The Tesla boss also decided to revoke it smart work. In this climate, the exodus of prominent figures of society continues. Leah KessnerYesterday, the security chief announced his exit from the podium. To leave is also Damian Keranresponsible for privacy, e Marian FogartyCompliance Manager. Meanwhile, the company now has Twitter Blue launch suspendeda kind of premium service that should have ensured, beyond paying $8 per month, account verification and increased visibility of the published contents.

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