Twitch will give less and less money to the best streamers, so some have gone too far –

It seems that Twitch is giving less money to me top streamer, to the point that it caused a lot of indignation and the escape of some characters such as TimTheTatman and Dr Lupo. The news was quoted by the Washington Post, which talked about an international change in the management of exclusive contracts and agreements with the most famous operators.

According to some Twitch employees, the platform is offering less money for the same amount of work, under different contracts than it has in the past. The same sources also suggest that this is exactly the reason Dr. Lobo left, tired of the downside that Twitch played while negotiating the new agreement. The old version dates back to the days when Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek accepted Microsoft’s millions to switch to Mixer, which failed miserably. It was those instances that prompted Twitch to offer more to the remaining big players. Now that the emergency has passed and breakouts are just a flash in the pan, the platform has decided to scale back its offerings, also because as another employee revealed, celebrities won’t come out who knows what the revenue will be for Twitch, which would fund them just for the sake of branding. On the contrary, it seems that on large channels business tends to flatten out and the only solution is for broadcasters to serve as testimonials for the respective brands, which they often reject, preferring to act independently.

Confirming the cut was attorney Ryan Morrison, who runs Evolved, who spoke of fewer offers than in the past and an even more miserable situation outside of North America, where almost no money will be transferred.

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In short, the business streaming It will not be as profitable as it once seemed and even the platforms themselves realize that some contracts were out of this world.

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