Twitch revealed its plans to combat hate raids after a #ADayOffTwitch protest –

Twitch Find out what his plans are Counter I I hate raid which has plagued the platform for some time now and which led to the #ADayOffTwitch protest in recent days, in which many streamers participated.

Hate raids are a particularly annoying phenomenon, so some users organize raids to spam all kinds of crimes against other live broadcasters, especially those in the community. LGBTQ +. Recently, bots have also been used to conduct raids, so much so that the community decided to publicly protest against this phenomenon and against the inactivity of Twitch, whose reaction so far has been insufficient to counter it.

So Twitch decided to move more decisively and update the its security center With some news. Meanwhile, victims of Hate raids will have the ability to block raid moderation, using the new AutoMod and other measures.

However, these will be temporary measures, as the platform is working on specific tools to combat hate raids. However, getting it will take some time. So in the meantime it is emphasized that it is best to use the tools already available to prevent the problem.

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