Twitch cares about the health of streamers and plans to turn the tables

Twitch now has an endless audience, but streamers are spending a lot of time in front of the screen. We need a solution.

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01/30/2022 –

Starting from the early stages of the epidemic (for many, even before), We’ve seen Twitch boom. It is now the most widely used broadcast system in the world. Perhaps, in the beginning, it was better known among the players, but now it is the norm What kind of communication?.

All kinds of topics are covered on Twitch: From video games to sports, from fashion to cooking. In short, anyone who has something to say would definitely choose this channel. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it can engage other users in the video and, at the same time, receive messages from fans with whom it is interacted.

It can be said similar to the old video room used on Facebook. In fact, Twitch is many steps forward, A true evolution of the one envisioned by the developers of Meta.

Obviously, in lockdown, it was a salvation for many, because it allowed Remote communication and the possibility of continued entertainment. If before it was the income source of influencers, now it also includes professionals like band leaders, journalists, writers and many more.

The creators are completely satisfied with their work and their colossal success. but a lot They fear for the mental health of users, which were committed for long hours directly. Some types of streams seem to have streaming devices They are stuck to your computer for hours on end, sometimes, even for days.

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This situation has resulted At the opening of the discussion about the mental health of the characters participating in these radio programs. A solution must be found.

Debate over hours spent on Twitch

Twitch platform
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01/30/2022 –

The platform, you know, It gives a win to the one who gets the most fans. This is only done by starting as many as possible to increase the reaction. In addition to, The more time you go online, the more likely your followers will grow.

last october, Lu Streamer GhostInTheMachine Lived continuously for 76 days. While, streamer Sushi, in an interview with BBC, said about You don’t want to open the door to anyone anymoreAnd don’t go out and don’t talk to people. Avoid any human contact:

I don’t like talking to people face to face, it’s been a long time since I last did that

To become a professional streamer You must have a lot of consistency. Unfortunately, 60 hours of broadcasting per week had a detrimental effect on Sooshi’s behavior. It started They suffer from anxiety and loss of confidence and have symptoms of agoraphobia.

Based on these events, the Labor MP Alex SobelPresidentAll party parliamentary group on video games and esportsHighlight the problem. Sobel thinks Twitch You encourage the signs to spend too much time They live, but without their support in the right way.

Twitch really needs to think about its mechanics and change the financial model to protect the health of streaming devices. This is not a new problem, the platform has had a long time to think about it. Definitely time to act

very master streamer Confirm this annoyancebut he didn’t just blame the site: Sid thinks the streamers do too They should address the problem by starting a letter.

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According to Sushi and Sid, the platform You must provide proactive supportAnd Create Warnings or actions to prevent streaming broadcasts that are too long. The company is now expected to take action. In this regard, a spokesperson said:

We’re constantly working on making Twitch the best place to go live and build a supportive and engaged community, and mental health support is key to that.

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